Aiden (2017)

Aiden's Story...

Age: 5

Diagnosis: Leukemia (ALL) +Philadelphia

Aiden was at day care and just like any other kid, rough and tough, running around the playground. He would come home with bruises; just as little boys do and we didn’t think anything of it. But after a few weeks, we started noticing the bruises weren’t getting better and were more frequent. He had bruises on both knees that were not healing, then to the thighs, and that progressed to petechia all over his belly. So, they took him to a small hospital in San Angelo and they were quickly evaluated and transferred via jet to Cook’s in Ft. Worth to start chemo immediately. Currently mom and Aiden are living at the Ronald McDonald house in FW, while dad and sibling Ella (2yrs) old are back at home in San Angelo. They have been living like this and traveling back in fourth from May 16’- Nov.16’. Now currently in FW doing chemo. At some point he will go on oral chemo for 62 weeks, and will be able to be back at home for that portion.

Prognosis: Good, very positive about treatment plan. Usually this cancer relapses, but they are prepared for that.