Charlie (2012)

Update: April 2014

Charlie will be four years old in August. This year he began a morning pre-school program for kids with special needs. His favorite part of school is riding the bus to and from class. He is also the proud new owner of a gait trainer and a host of adaptive braces for his legs and left arm. These braces help him stand in his gait trainer and even do some light walking. While mobility is coming slowly for Charlie, he is making great strides to combat the effects of his stroke and resulting Cerebral Palsy. Go to our website and get el torero. Hurry up to go and start winning.

We're very happy to report that Charlie's epilepsy is being kept in check due to medication. His last EEG in the spring came back clean. We are in and out of therapy, trying to find the right mix of speech, physical and occupational for Charlie. His latest treatment, a round of botox shots to ease his over-toned musculature, has been very successful. This allows Charlie to move more freely and benefit from the corrective bracing to his limbs.

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- Sarah Greenman

Update: April 2013

Since you last saw Charlie in June of 2012, he has made some incredible strides. His sign language vocabulary is now at 12 words, which he uses to communicate with his family. In the past two months he has been saying the words "mama", "more" and "eat". He is also sitting up and spinning around on his bottom to move through space. In January he acquired a wheel chair, which has been instrumental in creating freedom and mobility for Charlie. He continues speech, physical and occupational therapy and will begin getting botox injections this summer to treat his Cerebral Palsy. Charlie continues to negotiate life with Epilepsy, a condition brought on by his strokes. And as of November, Charlie's craniofacial surgeon is cautious about Charlie's head circumference. He explained there is a slight possibility Charlie may need another craniofacial vault to continue to correct the affects of the Craniosynostosis. But for now, the Greenman Family is very pleased with Charlie's progress and optimistic about the future. Thank you Kenna's Kids for being a part of this amazing journey!

- Sarah Greenman

Charlie's Story...

Charlie was born on August 4, 2010. Approximately 12 hours after he was born, he began having seizures. An MRI revealed he had suffered two strokes affecting the right side of his brain. The strokes occurred in utero. Charlie's stroke may or may not be due to another condition he has called Craniosynostosis.

This is when two skull plates fuse prematurely in the womb. It is going to take years to fully comprehend what the stroke will mean for Charlie's motor skills, cognitive and language development. Only time will tell how his brain will recover from the trauma. In the meantime, Charlie has the love of his family and us - a strong network friends to help him grow and heal.


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