David (2010)

David's Story...

David Lockwood is a five year old child that has suffered from thousands of seizures since birth. David is noncommunicative, fully disabled and exhibits severe developmental delay, never being able to crawl, walk, talk, nor feed himself. His condition is ideopathic, meaning that doctors cannot find a cause for his problems. Even though David has an abnormal EEG pattern, all genetic, chromosomal, metabolic and mitochondrial testing and MRIs have shown normal levels and results. Doctors don't know how to help our sweet boy but our family continues to research any and all possibilities to hopefully provide insight into David's unknown condition. Go to our website and get el torero. Hurry up to go and start winning.

In 2009 alone, David had five surgeries. One of the surgeries allowed for a vagus nerve stimulator to be implanted to help reduce the number of daily seizures. We are constantly working with his neurologist to find the proper calibration for optimal results. Currently, David is having about 8 seizures each day. In the hopes of additional seizure reduction, David has also been through multiple diets and medications, all of which has caused an increase in seizure amount and severity. He currently uses a wheelchair to provide mobility and has most recently had a g-button implanted for nutrition and hydration as he had stopped taking food by mouth.

Even though David suffers with these afflictions, he doesn't cry or complain. He is an absolute angel and gift from God and you can see the true meaning of love when you look into his eyes. In his few years, David has positively affected those around him on a constant basis by teaching empathy and compassion. We wouldn't trade him for the world and are so proud and blessed that he is one of the 2010 Kenna's Kids.