Parker (2017)

Parker's Story...

Age: 2

Diagnosis: Bilateral Retinal Blastoma

In October of 16' mom noticed that Parker’s pupils turned a funny color, then in November she noticed that he had a lazy eye. Mom thought it was just a lazy eye and that she had that as well, and didn’t think it would be a big deal getting fixed. Once taken to the doctor, Parker was diagnosed. They started chemo and laser therapy on the eyes. After 2 months of treatment and the tumor was not responding, the decision was made to remove the Left eye. The right eye is responding slowly to the chemo and laser treatment, but the tumor is very close to the optic nerve and at any time he could lose sight in the right eye due to the treatment. The next step is for Parker to be fitted for a prosthetic left eye, but unfortunately at this time Leslie cannot afford to have him fitted. The cost for the fitting and the eye is $3,700, which insurance does not pay for. Leslie is a single mom, who had to quit her nursing job at Parkland Hospital so that she could care for Parker. Parker’s dad left them in May of 2016 and gives very little in child support. Leslie and Parker live with her mom in Waxahachie currently.

Prognosis: Parker’s prognosis is poor. He will either be completely blind due to the treatments or the tumor will kill him.

Day in the life: Parker is very upbeat and playful baby. He takes multiple medications on top of his chemo and laser treatments. He loves to go to the park and be outside when possible. His favorite past time is cleaning. He loves to pretend to clean, dust, and vacuum. Parker takes his broom, dustpan, and squirt bottle everywhere he goes just cleaning away. He takes it to his Dr.’s appointments and cleans the waiting room and treatment room! His oncologist loves it, since he is OCD! Parker also enjoys making his mom coffee on his play Keurig coffee machine.