We are excited about the future of Kenna’s Kids

Kenna’s Kids

About Us

Kenna’s Kids is a nonprofit organization that reaches out to individual families with children experiencing life’s medical challenges at a young age. Go to our website and get el torero. Hurry up to go and start winning.

The basis of our nonprofit organization is built around the pay-it-forward concept. The growth of our organization and support of additional families will come from those we’ve helped in the past. We are excited about the future of Kenna’s Kids and blessed to be able to support the emotional and financial needs of many more families in the future.

How it began…Kenna

Matt and Sunshine’s daughter was born with metopic synostosis, a medical condition in which the front of her skull was abnormally fused shut. At nine months old, Kenna required surgery to help correct this problem. With medical bills over $100,000 good friend Jeremy Pigott organized a surprise charity golf tournament in 2008 to help their friends cover their medical expenses for Kenna.

From this, the idea of creating a foundation to help other families in similar situations emerged. With the remaining funds from the tournament for Kenna, Matt and Jeremy created the 501c3 charity, Kenna’s Kids.
Kenna was 10 months old at the very first Kenna Cup. This fall 2016, she will be entering 3rd grade and continues to thrive as expected. The procedure she underwent as an infant has only left behind a small bump on her forehead, which remains covered with her beautiful red hair and causes no problems. Even when she’s running around on a field or court, it is rarely noticed. Kenna absolutely loves sports! Basketball has become her favorite sport to play and watch. If she could attend or manage to watch every Dallas Maverick game, she would without hesitation! She aims to be the best in everything she does and is a valued teammate in soccer and softball as well. It is her caring nature and readiness to help others, however, that makes us most proud. Kenna has a kind and generous heart, is great with her siblings, and we are very honored to be her parents!

We thank you all for checking in on Kenna’s progress and for supporting Kenna’s Kids!


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